PODCAST – Tyrone Barnes, Geeks Under Grace and Conservative Entertainment

I’ve wanted to do more collaboration with my fellow Geeks Under Grace writers for a while. After much deliberation and three years of working for the site, I’ve finally made it happen! Tyrone Barnes is a fellow film contributor and a professional artist who I’ve done a few collaboration pieces with on the website! WeContinue reading “PODCAST – Tyrone Barnes, Geeks Under Grace and Conservative Entertainment”

HUMMEL Review: Run Hide Fight (2021)

Run Hide Fight has a pretty edgy premise as far as indie action thrillers go. In an obvious riff of Die Hard, the story follows a young woman with a background as a survivalist who gets caught in a school shooting. Thanks to her background and knowledge of self defense, she decides to find aContinue reading “HUMMEL Review: Run Hide Fight (2021)”

DailyWire Releases Trailer for it’s First Film Distribution: “Run Hide Fight”

As part of their recent attempt to expand their business model, the conservative news outlet The DailyWire announced today that their first film that they will be distribution will be released on January 15th to their subscribers, following a premiere livestream on January 14th. According to the website’s own announcement: “The Daily Wire announced MondayContinue reading “DailyWire Releases Trailer for it’s First Film Distribution: “Run Hide Fight””