PODCAST – Ian Kirkpatrick Talks Writing, Radicalism and Serial Murder

This week on the AntiSocial Network, fellow YouTuber Ian Kirkpattie joined the hangout to discuss some of her interests and focuses! Kirkpattie has several focused on YouTube. She’s primarily a writing channel that teaches novel writing and collaboration on fiction but she’s done coverage on drama in the writing community, political radicalism and the psychologyContinue reading “PODCAST – Ian Kirkpatrick Talks Writing, Radicalism and Serial Murder”

12 Book Recommendations for Young Conservatives

As my grandpa once said, “school never did learn me nothin”. My education was somewhat similar. I was a B- average student through high school and college but it took a very long time for me to develop any sort of drive or intellectual passion in my adult life. Much of that passion coincided withContinue reading “12 Book Recommendations for Young Conservatives”

Dr. Jordan Peterson Returns Following 18 Months of Medical Treatments

In a video released Monday, Professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson returned to the world stage with a video discussing his return to Canada. The Canadian psychology professor has spent most of the last year abroad in Russia and Serbia working with specialists to help his addiction and withdrawal symptoms from the prescription drug benzodiazepine. HeContinue reading “Dr. Jordan Peterson Returns Following 18 Months of Medical Treatments”