PODCAST – Good Friday Special! Our Favorite Biblical Epics!!

Happy Easter to all of our readers! He is risen! This we decided to celebrate and take in the holiday by inviting two of our favorite Twitter friendos on to talk about old movies and to compare and contrast them! We watched almost a dozen adaptations of the life of Christ including The Passion, KingContinue reading “PODCAST – Good Friday Special! Our Favorite Biblical Epics!!”

PODCAST – Tyrone Barnes, Geeks Under Grace and Conservative Entertainment

I’ve wanted to do more collaboration with my fellow Geeks Under Grace writers for a while. After much deliberation and three years of working for the site, I’ve finally made it happen! Tyrone Barnes is a fellow film contributor and a professional artist who I’ve done a few collaboration pieces with on the website! WeContinue reading “PODCAST – Tyrone Barnes, Geeks Under Grace and Conservative Entertainment”

PODCAST – Sound Effects, LucasArts and Star Wars Podracer

As some of my readers know, I graduated from Flashpoint College in Chicago with a degree in Sound Effects Editing almost half a decade ago! One of my professors, Jeff Kliment, was a creative lead at LucasArts in the late 1990s and regularly told us stories about working on games like Grim Fandango, Yoda StoriesContinue reading “PODCAST – Sound Effects, LucasArts and Star Wars Podracer”

PODCAST – Sarah Hargett Hangout and Post-Biden Politics

One of our favorite regular guests for the AntiSocial Network joined us once again! Sarah Hargett, writer for the blog How to Watch a Movie, has appeared on the show twice before to hangout and talk about movies. This week, she joined to hangout and discuss our mutual grievances with politics in the aftermath ofContinue reading “PODCAST – Sarah Hargett Hangout and Post-Biden Politics”

PODCAST – Lou Aguilar discusses His New Christmas Novella and Modern Storytelling

This week on The AntiSocial Network, we were joined by the wonderful Lou Aguilar for a discussion about his new book The Christmas Spirit. Lou is a contributor with The American Spectator, a journalist, a Cuban-American patriot and an author with several published books under his belt including his underrated 2018 comedy Paper Tigers. HisContinue reading “PODCAST – Lou Aguilar discusses His New Christmas Novella and Modern Storytelling”