What even is the point of the Oscars?

Can anyone reasonably claim that the Oscars isn’t a pure parody of itself? I don’t think I know a single person who takes the Oscars seriously anymore. Progressives think it is too conservative. Conservatives think it’s too woke. Casual audiences find it cold and detached. Industry specialists find it blunt and out of touch. ConservativesContinue reading “What even is the point of the Oscars?”

Oscars Week: Thoughts on the 2021 Best Picture Nominees

The Oscars have been getting worse for years now. The last few years have had weird lineups and weird winners. I’m not sure many people have actually been happy with recent years for the most part. Green Book beating Blackkklansman, Roma and Black Panther for best picture in 2018 was bizarre but amusing. Parasite’s winContinue reading “Oscars Week: Thoughts on the 2021 Best Picture Nominees”

HUMMEL Review: Sound of Metal (2020)

I can’t think of a movie that’s played more heck with my mental state in recent months than Amazon Prime’s recent drama Sound of Metal. I went into the film blind after learning it was one of this year’s best picture nominations. It and Promising Young Woman are the only films on the list IContinue reading “HUMMEL Review: Sound of Metal (2020)”