PODCAST – Reviewing The Other Side of Gary Graver with Matthew Gear

I recently had the opportunity this winter to take an online classic about the career of Orson Welles. Matthew Asprey Gear is an author, film scholar and teacher at the Edinburgh University of Art and has been hosting virtual classes through Google Meetups. Matthew has become a wonderful Twitter correspondent in the past year withContinue reading “PODCAST – Reviewing The Other Side of Gary Graver with Matthew Gear”

Orson Welles’s Othello (1951) Classic Review

I REALLY don’t know how one might go about litigating which of Orson Welles film’s qualify as his “weirdest” one. You can watch a film like The Lady From Shanghai with its surreal cinematography and editing and then compare it to something like Mr. Arkadin which goes way weirder. For my money, I’d throw OthelloContinue reading “Orson Welles’s Othello (1951) Classic Review”

The Lady From Shanghai (1947) – Classic Movie Review

I’ve wanted to start a series of classic reviews for this blog for a few weeks now but I’ve been too busy handling the basic content of the website in conjunction with daily life. Now that my life has slowed down a bit, I can afford to spend some time working on more weekly content.Continue reading “The Lady From Shanghai (1947) – Classic Movie Review”