PODCAST – Lutheran Satire Discusses his Comedic Ministry

This week on the AntiSocial Network, I interviewed one of my favorite Christian comedians! Hans Fiene is not as well known as The Babylon Bee but he does have a respectable large YouTube following! His YouTube channel LUTHERAN SATIRE has 56.1k subscribers and several of his videos have gone viral into the millions of views.Continue reading “PODCAST – Lutheran Satire Discusses his Comedic Ministry”

PODCAST – Tyrone Barnes, Geeks Under Grace and Conservative Entertainment

I’ve wanted to do more collaboration with my fellow Geeks Under Grace writers for a while. After much deliberation and three years of working for the site, I’ve finally made it happen! Tyrone Barnes is a fellow film contributor and a professional artist who I’ve done a few collaboration pieces with on the website! WeContinue reading “PODCAST – Tyrone Barnes, Geeks Under Grace and Conservative Entertainment”

PODCAST – Jennifer Greenberg Discusses Biblical Abuse Advocism

This week on the AntiSocial Network, we were joined by Jennifer Greenberg. Jennifer is the author of Not Forsaken, her personal testimony of struggling with the affects of parental abuse and how she’s overcome it as a Christian. Jennifer joined the show to discuss her perspectives and methods running a public ministry as an advocateContinue reading “PODCAST – Jennifer Greenberg Discusses Biblical Abuse Advocism”