HUMMEL Review – She Said

Director Maria Schrader’s “She Said” probably isn’t a movie that will play well to the holiday crowd, but it comes from an old tradition in filmmaking that lionizes the fourth estate as the last defender of democracy and justice in a world of corruption and hate.  To paraphrase a “Pamphleteer” colleague, what better way isContinue reading “HUMMEL Review – She Said”

Ignorance is Virtue: The Hilarious Irony of Leftist Myth Making

A statue of Medusa was unveiled in Manhattan this month. This is unremarkable on its face—Greek Myth has long been a subject of artistic endeavor, including painting and statuary. There’s just one difference about this one: Medusa is the “hero” who has slain and beheaded the “villain,” Perseus. According to the artist, it’s a metaphorContinue reading “Ignorance is Virtue: The Hilarious Irony of Leftist Myth Making”

Movie Review – A Rainy Day in New York (2019)

Sometimes a movie just isn’t worth the controversy surrounding it. That’s not to say A Rainy Day in New York is bad. The problem is just that it’s not a good enough Woody Allen movie to warrant two years of delays and boycotts. Then again, the controversy was never about the movie. I’m not preparedContinue reading “Movie Review – A Rainy Day in New York (2019)”