GUG Review: Godzilla vs. Kong

I seem to be on the higher end of critical appraisals for the newest Godzilla film. I’ve enjoyed the entire Monster-Verse so far and I genuinely enjoy classic monster flicks already. Maybe I’m just predisposed to enjoying DUMB monster movies with empty characters and nonsense stories. Then again, I’ve never reviewed the Transformers series andContinue reading “GUG Review: Godzilla vs. Kong”

Warner Bros. To Release ALL Upcoming Films on HBO Max

In a surprising announcement, Warner Brothers has made a call to release the 17 films it has in production for 2021 directly to HBO Max in tandem with their theatrical windows. This announcement is coming off the heels of WB announcing Wonder Woman 1984’s premiere on the service on Christmas Day and subsequent rumors thatContinue reading “Warner Bros. To Release ALL Upcoming Films on HBO Max”