A Year With(Out) Norm MacDonald – Catching Up on the Obvious

The one-year passing of comedian Norm MacDonald really snuck up on me this year. September 14th marked the one-year passing of the 61-year-old comedian from Leukemia; that he had evidently been facing quietly and never addressing to the public. In the past year, I’ve really fallen in love with Norm MacDonald’s work. In true artistContinue reading “A Year With(Out) Norm MacDonald – Catching Up on the Obvious”

HUMMEL Review: Another Round (2020)

Here’s a really great premise for a dark comedy: four bored High school teachers decide to repeat a goofy sounding science experiment that says that the average human BAC level 0.05% too low to function in daily life. To fix this, they start day drinking during school to maintain a consistent buzz during the day.Continue reading “HUMMEL Review: Another Round (2020)”

HUMMEL Review: Palm Springs (2020)

I’m not inclined to think that the Groundhog Day scenario is over-played at this point. The basic story over “I’m trapped in the same day over and over again” has been played out numerous times in recent years in films like Edge of Tomorrow and Happy Death Day. That said, it’s a smart premise forContinue reading “HUMMEL Review: Palm Springs (2020)”

PODCAST – Lutheran Satire Discusses his Comedic Ministry

This week on the AntiSocial Network, I interviewed one of my favorite Christian comedians! Hans Fiene is not as well known as The Babylon Bee but he does have a respectable large YouTube following! His YouTube channel LUTHERAN SATIRE has 56.1k subscribers and several of his videos have gone viral into the millions of views.Continue reading “PODCAST – Lutheran Satire Discusses his Comedic Ministry”

HUMMEL Review: An American Pickle (2020)

I would never call Seth Rogen a particularly introspective filmmaker or comedian. His output has been particularly low brow, broad and on the nose. He traffics mostly in jokes about drugs and atheism and doesn’t have much to say beyond the most surface level understanding of these topics. That’s not to say his films don’tContinue reading “HUMMEL Review: An American Pickle (2020)”

PODCAST – Adam Yenser Discusses Being a Conservative Comedian in Hollywood

This week’s podcast is live! Before the inauguration this week, I spoke with LA based comedian and comedy writer Adam Yenser! Adam is a writer for The Ellen Degeneres show and hosts his own conservative news show on YouTube called Canceled News! Adam joined the show to discuss his thoughts on what it’s like toContinue reading “PODCAST – Adam Yenser Discusses Being a Conservative Comedian in Hollywood”

PODCAST – Kirk Wilcox Discusses the Virtues of Randian Objectivism

Welcome back to the podcast! The show has been on pause since Christmas to recollect and work on building a new guest list for the immediate future. Now we’re back and ready to roll with a new slate of interesting internet people! I’m happy to be back this week with an exciting news guest! KirkContinue reading “PODCAST – Kirk Wilcox Discusses the Virtues of Randian Objectivism”

Review: Hubie Halloween (2020)

I took it on good word from a critic I respect that Adam Sandler’s newest film for Netflix was actually a pretty solid film that I ought to check out. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have bothered. Truthfully, the film wasn’t the utter disgusting abomination of a comedy I feared it could be. Sandler’s nameContinue reading “Review: Hubie Halloween (2020)”