COSMO – Building an UN-woke Children’s Library

If 2020 has taught me anything, its that the best way to ensure I raise happy, healthy, independent, resilient children is to commit to homeschooling. There are advantages and disadvantages to this commitment, which I won’t be going into detail here. I recognize it as an all-consuming task; in order to be successful, it willContinue reading “COSMO – Building an UN-woke Children’s Library”

GUG Book Review: Thomas Jefferson’s Bible

What is the role of religion in a secular society? How do we (should we) reconcile science and religion? These are questions that have haunted intellectuals for centuries. As we see in one of Thomas Jefferson’s most secretive personal projects, such questions have never been easy to resolve. In 1820, he infamously carved copies ofContinue reading “GUG Book Review: Thomas Jefferson’s Bible”

GUG Book Review: Grendel

Following my recent review of Beowulf, I’ve made the effort recently to start digging into contemporary scholarship on the famous poem and it’s various offshoots and creatively inspired followers. One of them is recent feminist translation of Beowulf which I just reviewed for Geeks Under Grace. The other is a very well regarded deconstructionist takeContinue reading “GUG Book Review: Grendel”

GUG Classic Review: The King of Kings

This past Easter, I watched through a dozen adaptations of the last of Christ to pick out which versions best captured his story and message. My understated favorite of the lot was Cecil B. Demille’s 1927 biopic King of Kings. The film was a beautiful if unorthodox adaptation of the life of Christ. Demille doesContinue reading “GUG Classic Review: The King of Kings”

PODCAST – Steve Donoghue, BookTube and Book Reviewing

Our newest podcast is live! In light of the overly serious tone of the show in recent weeks (months…), were endeavoring to scale things back and do some more lighthearted interviews and entertainment discussions. Next week we’re scheduled to interview Jacob Airey to discuss HBO Max’s release of the SnyderCut and the following week weContinue reading “PODCAST – Steve Donoghue, BookTube and Book Reviewing”

PODCAST – John J. Miller Discusses Literature and Education

This week on the podcast, we were joined by one of my favorite guests yet! Professor John Miller is a teacher at Hinsdale College and the host of The Great Books Podcast and Bookmongerer for National Review Online! He was kind enough to join the show for forty minutes to discuss his love of classicalContinue reading “PODCAST – John J. Miller Discusses Literature and Education”

The Tragedy of Anakin Skywalker: The Star Wars Prequels as Classical Tragedy

Deconstructing the multitudinous problems in the Star Wars Prequels became a cottage industry online for much of the late 2000s. 21 years later, I still hear grown men whining about how Jar Jar Binks ruined The Phantom Menace. In truth, I’ve mostly gotten bored with this dialog. Maybe it’s a symptom of the fact thatContinue reading “The Tragedy of Anakin Skywalker: The Star Wars Prequels as Classical Tragedy”

“Woke” Storytelling in 2007: How Robert Zemeckis’s Beowulf Reveals the True Problems in Film Criticism

Much of modern amateur film criticism has been dedicated to discussions on progressive themes and intrusion into popular cinema and art. It’s not hard to see why. Whatever your opinions on Marvel movies, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, comic books, video games or otherwise, the quality of modern pop-art seems to be declining in proportion to theContinue reading ““Woke” Storytelling in 2007: How Robert Zemeckis’s Beowulf Reveals the True Problems in Film Criticism”