Book Review: Letters From Father Christmas (1976)

A huge aspect of the life of JRR Tolkien was the relationship between his work and his children. His works like The Hobbit were initially written as children’s stories that he read to his four children. This relationship lived on in the work of his son Christopher Tolkien who dedicated his entire life to sortingContinue reading “Book Review: Letters From Father Christmas (1976)”

Merry Christmas from Cultural Revue – A Brief Story About the Birth of Christ and Family

There’s a great line in the movie Talladega Nights where in two children learn that their parents who are about to get divorced. Instead of being moarnful at their parents breaking up, the two children turn to one another and scream “TWO CHRISTMASES!” It’s a very dark joke but one I relate to as aContinue reading “Merry Christmas from Cultural Revue – A Brief Story About the Birth of Christ and Family”

Lovecraft for Christmas: ‘The Hound’ and Holiday Comfort Reading

In my tortured ears there sounds unceasingly a nightmare whirring and flapping, and a faint, distant baying as of some gigantic hound. It is not a dream—it is not, I fear, even madness—for too much has already happened to give me these merciful doubts. St. John is a mangled corpse; I alone know why, andContinue reading “Lovecraft for Christmas: ‘The Hound’ and Holiday Comfort Reading”

HUMMEL Review: Fatman (2020)

“Christmas is a farce, I am a joke.” – Mel Gibson’s Santa I was on board for this movie the moment I heard the premise of Mel Gibson portraying a gritty Santa Claus. I have a deep and abiding enjoyment for Mel Gibson as a cultural figure as a filmmaker. I’m fascinated by his artisticContinue reading “HUMMEL Review: Fatman (2020)”

Book Review: A Christmas Carol (1843)

I’ve been trying to make it a yearly tradition to read Charles Dicken’s perennial novella once a year each December. I haven’t succeeded thus far. The only reason why is because I have a hard time dedicating time to rereading old books I love when my new book stack is covering 4 shelves on myContinue reading “Book Review: A Christmas Carol (1843)”

Book Review: In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash (1966)

Jean Shepard’s 1966 comedic memoir is most remembered for the media that has since eclipsed it’s prominence. It’s the novel that A Christmas Story is based on. That reputation has certainly gone a long way to maintaining its longevity. When it’s paperback was republished in 2010, the book shot up to the top of Amazon’sContinue reading “Book Review: In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash (1966)”

Review: The Christmas Chronicles 2 (2020)

I have no earthly clue what metric one should go about judging the Christmas Chronicle films on Netflix. They’re too sentimental to be ironic. They’re too gimmicky to be dramatic. Their casting of Kurt Russell as Santa Claus feels like a joke (much like Mel Gibson in his upcoming Santa film Fatman). They just don’tContinue reading “Review: The Christmas Chronicles 2 (2020)”

Warner Bros to Premiere “Wonder Woman 1984” on HBO Max – Christmas Day

In one of the least shocking reveals of 2020, Warner Brothers has finally pulled the plug on it’s theatrical released and announced that it will be premiering on Christmas day simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. As CNN reports: “The film will be released simultaneously in theaters and on the streaming service in theContinue reading “Warner Bros to Premiere “Wonder Woman 1984” on HBO Max – Christmas Day”

Peanuts Holiday Specials Won’t Be Showing on ABC for the First Time in 50 Years

A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown have had their yearly holiday specials canceled for the first time since the 1960s. The adored children’s cartoon specials have been an annual tradition for every major holiday for decades but the times are a changing. AppleTV+ recently started consolidating the rights to theContinue reading “Peanuts Holiday Specials Won’t Be Showing on ABC for the First Time in 50 Years”