HUMMEL Review: Phantom of the Open

As the Gospel of Matthew reminds us, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” Blessed in the eyes of Christ and in athleticism are two very different things though, if there’s any lesson to be taken away from the new Mark Rylance movie Phantom of the Open. The story based on theContinue reading “HUMMEL Review: Phantom of the Open”

Phillip K. Dick’s FORGOTTEN Pro-Life Short Story… “The Pre-Persons”

By @GingerManEditorial Many, many years ago, I stumbled across a mention of a little known story – The Pre-Persons by Philip K. Dick. I was immediately intrigued for two reasons. The first being that Dick is one of the legends of sci-fi. Even if you haven’t heard of him, you’re familiar with his work. DickContinue reading “Phillip K. Dick’s FORGOTTEN Pro-Life Short Story… “The Pre-Persons””

Trigger Warning: The Episcopal “Church” isn’t a Church

By Tripp Parker Any institution that denies doctrines historically affirmed by Christians for the past two thousand years isn’t a Church, even if it used to be. Worse, such an institution, by rejecting those doctrines, will soon cease to be an institution at all. Which institution am I referring to? Any number of mainline ProtestantContinue reading “Trigger Warning: The Episcopal “Church” isn’t a Church”

HUMMEL Review – Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story

In early 2010, my high school choir packed up for four days over Spring Break and drove the distance from Chicago to New Orleans, through Memphis, for a four day trip exploring some of the south’s most incredible music history. It was a trip I couldn’t fully appreciate at the time. I was young, andContinue reading “HUMMEL Review – Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story”

In the Presence of the Holy Spirit: On Visiting an Episcopal Cathedral and an Orthodox Parish

It is said that “where two or three are gathered in my name, there [Christ is] among them,” according to Matthew 18:20. One wonders what that means you walk into a church where the spirit has seemingly forsaken the congregation. There are few experiences more draining than stepping into a dying church. There is anContinue reading “In the Presence of the Holy Spirit: On Visiting an Episcopal Cathedral and an Orthodox Parish”

HUMMEL Review: What is a Woman?

I should speak candidly before I got into this review. I’m probably not approaching this from the same direction as most conservatives. Despite being a relatively traditionalist Christian and a Republican, my social views tend to slightly skew libertarian, in the sense that I tend to be quite sympathetic to people who suffer with genderContinue reading “HUMMEL Review: What is a Woman?”

Blaming the Gun: On Gun Control, Gun Statistics, and the Aftermath of School Shootings

I’ve been berated by promoted tweets all week by leftists and Democratic politicians demanding that the US abolish gun rights in the aftermath of the horrible shooting in Uvalde and I’ve become sufficiently annoyed that I need to talk about this. I recognize that shouldn’t be the primary emotion one feels after a school shooting, butContinue reading “Blaming the Gun: On Gun Control, Gun Statistics, and the Aftermath of School Shootings”

C.S. Lewis Reflections on Despair and Human Worth

I wish to present a few choice quotes from the great C.S. Lewis to meditate on this week as the ongoing debates about abortion continue… I felt the need to dig up a handful of these quotes when I saw the image above, the sad image of a young millennial woman who holds abortion inContinue reading “C.S. Lewis Reflections on Despair and Human Worth”

Into the Boomer Sanctum – When I Got Free Tickets to the Mike Huckabee Live Show

It’s been said that when in Rome, one must do as the Romans do. With that candor and apprehension in mind, I walked into the auditorium of Trinity Music City in Hendersonville, TN — the former city of gospel singer legend Johnny Cash — to see a live recording of Huckabee. Mike Huckabee remains aContinue reading “Into the Boomer Sanctum – When I Got Free Tickets to the Mike Huckabee Live Show”

HUMMEL Review – You Won’t Be Alone

It was once said by the great satirist G.K. Chesterton, in his book The Everlasting Man, that Paganism, not atheism, was “the one real rival of the church of Christ.” One can see why. In an argument between pure faith and pure reason, the masses will generally choose the pragmatic option and choose faith. PaganismContinue reading “HUMMEL Review – You Won’t Be Alone”