HUMMEL Review – Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story

In early 2010, my high school choir packed up for four days over Spring Break and drove the distance from Chicago to New Orleans, through Memphis, for a four day trip exploring some of the south’s most incredible music history. It was a trip I couldn’t fully appreciate at the time. I was young, andContinue reading “HUMMEL Review – Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story”

HUMMEL Review – Parallel Mothers

Pedro Almodóvar’s “Parallel Mothers” —  a clear contender for the best international film Oscar this year — is a quiet melodrama about two women who give birth on the same day and find their lives intertwined by love and contrived tragedies. It is a contemplative drama about the inner experience of motherhood and loss butContinue reading “HUMMEL Review – Parallel Mothers”

COSMO – In Wake of the Plague: A Personal Tale of Covid19

After two years of completely avoiding illness, in January of 2022, I succumbed. It started gradually, about the week of Monday the 10th. I took some zinc and vitamin C and spent the weekend resting. The next week, Tuesday rolled around and I woke up stuffy. But Spring comes early CA and I’ve always hadContinue reading “COSMO – In Wake of the Plague: A Personal Tale of Covid19”

In Defense of Revolution: When is violence tolerable and what to do with disgruntled citizens?

Here’s an interesting debate topic: When is it morally right for a class of people to rise up against their government and forcibly replace them? Certainly, the simplest answer is said best by the Declaration of Independence: “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduceContinue reading “In Defense of Revolution: When is violence tolerable and what to do with disgruntled citizens?”

Year One of the Biden Administration: A Year of Tension and Breakdown

When President Trump was voted out of office, people thought that the country was going to return to some level of normalcy. People had assumed that Biden was the return to normalcy candidate and that the country could reasonably trade 4 years of ineffectual leadership for less chaos. As time has shown, things have onlyContinue reading “Year One of the Biden Administration: A Year of Tension and Breakdown”

HUMMEL Review: Don’t Look Up

I am an agnostic on issues like climate change, solely because I am not a climate scientist. Is it real? Probably. Do I trust the politicians at the European Union and their accords to deal with it accordingly? Nope. Climate change is probably real and it will probably have negative side effects but I somewhatContinue reading “HUMMEL Review: Don’t Look Up”

Where Have I Been? – The Cultural Revue in 2021 Review

2021 has been one of the strangest and most interesting years of my young life. After the cataclysm of the COVID-19 pandemic, losing my job in IT, watching the United States descend into political hostility the likes of which we haven’t seen (only getting worse in the last year), I made the effort to branchContinue reading “Where Have I Been? – The Cultural Revue in 2021 Review”

The Homogenization of American Non-Places: The Tragic Loss of Locality

I’ve been able to see a large cross-section of the United States in the past two years. I was very lucky during the latter half of the COVID lockdowns that I was in a financially secure enough place to take a few chances that I had never taken before. I hadn’t traveled across the UnitedContinue reading “The Homogenization of American Non-Places: The Tragic Loss of Locality”

Fundraiser: Help Support the Cultural Revue!

Editor’s Note: A special thanks needs to go out to my online friends Ginger and Lou who collectively donated the first $12 to the Cultural Revue’s fundraiser! I cannot thank them enough! When I started the Cultural Revue back in October 2019, I wanted to create a space where interesting people from across the internetContinue reading “Fundraiser: Help Support the Cultural Revue!”

V*ccine Hesitancy and Social Trust: Explaining the Rational Defense of Anti-Vax Arguments (From a Pro-Vax Perspective)

“The root of vaccine hesitancy is distrust: distrust in institutional power, distrust in “the science” (TM), distrust in authority, and distrust in the current administration.

And why shouldn’t the vaccine-hesitant masses, both conservative and progressive, distrust these authorities? “