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Here at the Cultural Revue, one of our long-term goals is to grow into a prospering media website that is capable of maintaining full-time employees and commissioning articles from the smartest people working right now. Right now the website is a very small operating being run by a small group of avid volunteers. With enough support though, we can begin moving in the direction of making this website into a force capable of helping change minds and driving reasonable discussions! If you agree with our mission statement and you believe that we can become something notable, you can help in that mission!

Right now there are three immediate ways you can help us! If you think this website is worth it, go give us some monthly support over on Patreon so we can grow faster! If you can’t afford that, we’re happy to receive a one time tip on PayPal if that’s more what you’re capable of! Don’t worry if you can’t do either though! The third thing you could do to help support us is just to share out our articles on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media website you prefer to your friends and family! The more people reading us, the more support we’ll be able to build over time!



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