Movie Review – On the Rocks (2020)

I’m not overly familiar with the works of Sofia Coppola. Her reputation as a filmmaker precedes her though. Famously, she starred in the most infamously panned films role in The Godfather Part 3 and then turned her reputation around with her critically acclaimed film Lost in Translation. Since then, She has worked on numerous independentContinue reading “Movie Review – On the Rocks (2020)”

Movie Review – A Rainy Day in New York (2019)

Sometimes a movie just isn’t worth the controversy surrounding it. That’s not to say A Rainy Day in New York is bad. The problem is just that it’s not a good enough Woody Allen movie to warrant two years of delays and boycotts. Then again, the controversy was never about the movie. I’m not preparedContinue reading “Movie Review – A Rainy Day in New York (2019)”

Movie Review – Infidel (2020)

The America-Right has complained for decades that there’s an extreme lack in conservative art coming out of the entertainment industry. As Andrew Brietbart famously was quoted saying, “Politics is down stream of culture.” The side of the aisle that controls news, school, comedy, TV, film, music and literature is the side of the aisle that’sContinue reading “Movie Review – Infidel (2020)”