Get Out and Hamilton: The Reactionary Impulse in Black Cinema

“The first and fatal charm of National Repentance is, therefore, the encouragement it gives us to turn from the bitter task of repenting our own sins to the congenial one of bewailing – denouncing – the conduct of others.” -CS Lewis, God in the Dock The last half decade has marked the rise of blackContinue reading “Get Out and Hamilton: The Reactionary Impulse in Black Cinema”

AIREY – ‘Soldier’ Retrospective: The Forgotten ‘Blade Runner’ Successor

Very few science fiction movies have brought about more debate than the 1982 Ridley Scott film Blade Runner. The feature would inspire a 2017 sequel Blade Runner 2049 produced by Scott and directed by Denis Villeneuve.  However, there is one overlooked flick that is considered a “spiritual successor” of sorts to Blade Runner. It wasContinue reading “AIREY – ‘Soldier’ Retrospective: The Forgotten ‘Blade Runner’ Successor”

A Personal Obituary for Rush Limbaugh (1951-2021)

As was reported on Rush Limbaugh’s daily show today by his widow Kathryn Limbaugh, “I know that I am most certainly not the Limbaugh that you tuned in to listen to today. I, like you, very much wish Rush was behind this golden microphone right now, welcoming you to another exceptional three hours of broadcasting…Continue reading “A Personal Obituary for Rush Limbaugh (1951-2021)”

HUMMEL – 33 Conservative Film Recommendations for Modern Audiences

I am a man of lists. I like arranging things and creating ordered lists to work through. I’m also a man who enjoys curating and recommending works of art and entertainment to people who don’t delve into film and literature as deeply as I do. I love recommendation lists for these reasons! As a fanContinue reading “HUMMEL – 33 Conservative Film Recommendations for Modern Audiences”

COSMO – Blackpilled or Bust: What does the Disillusioned Right Do Now?

I have nothing to say on the Patriot’s March that took place in Washington D.C on January 6th, 2021 that hasn’t already been said. I don’t care that Antifa agitators were involved; I don’t care about the optics. The ship is sailed. The curtain is down. A Patriot who served her country in unless warsContinue reading “COSMO – Blackpilled or Bust: What does the Disillusioned Right Do Now?”

America, Racism and War: How Glory (1989) Challenges Racism in a Meaningful Way

In an age where race is one of the most discussed aspects of modern life (depressingly), it’s worth considering just how the topic is portrayed on film. Discussions on the topic are almost always complex minefields of semiotics and sensitive issues. In film though, race tends to bring out fire brands. Film critics praise scorchingContinue reading “America, Racism and War: How Glory (1989) Challenges Racism in a Meaningful Way”

My Eight Favorite Games of the Eighth Console Generation

2013-2020 was a strange time for me in terms of my gaming habits. My most dedicated peak as a gamer was between 2010 (when I purchased my Xbox 360) and the spring of 2014 when I became fully enraptured by my freshman year of college. Following this period, I developed a very mercenary attitude towardsContinue reading “My Eight Favorite Games of the Eighth Console Generation”

COSMO – “Political Violence Rocks Boston Harbor!”

December 1773: Boston, Massachusetts Colony Authorities are left shocked and appalled by the egregious act of political violence undertaken last month. A rabble of violent thugs burst onto Griffin’s Wharf in Boston Harbor on the night of December 16th. Dressed in ridiculous garb, they boarded several docks ships, and dumped approximately 342 chests of importedContinue reading “COSMO – “Political Violence Rocks Boston Harbor!””

The Cynicism of “Unity”: A Call For Biden to Distance Himself From the Radical Left

As Joe Biden moved into the transitionary phase in preparation for taking over the White House this month, he’s sold himself as a candidate of reconciliation. His own Twitter account makes it sound like he’s the great uniter and that some vision of America has come back now that the hell of the Trump administrationContinue reading “The Cynicism of “Unity”: A Call For Biden to Distance Himself From the Radical Left”

Tyler’s Seven Favorite Films of 2020

I’ve considered how to approach 2020 as a year in cinema for quite a while. The challenge isn’t easy. Normally I have about thirty films I’ve seen in a given year that I toss around and debate which ought to be considered the “Best” of the year. Two things have changed for me in theContinue reading “Tyler’s Seven Favorite Films of 2020”