Art as Pornography: What Do We Get Out of Stories?

I ask myself a simple question a lot nowadays: What do we get out of art? That’s a tough question. Everyone seems to have a different answer but the general consensus when you ask people is “I just want good stories”. It’s a relatable sentiment but even the most basic epistemological questioning of the premiseContinue reading “Art as Pornography: What Do We Get Out of Stories?”

GUG Review: Nomadland

This year’s great breakout film at the Golden Globes was Chlao Zhao’s Nomadland ! Zhao has been an ascendant, up and coming, young director for years now following her breakthrough film The Rider (2017). She’s also slated as the director of Marvel’s The Eternals which should’ve released last fall but is currently slated for NovemberContinue reading “GUG Review: Nomadland”

PODCAST – Good Friday Special! Our Favorite Biblical Epics!!

Happy Easter to all of our readers! He is risen! This we decided to celebrate and take in the holiday by inviting two of our favorite Twitter friendos on to talk about old movies and to compare and contrast them! We watched almost a dozen adaptations of the life of Christ including The Passion, KingContinue reading “PODCAST – Good Friday Special! Our Favorite Biblical Epics!!”

HUMMEL Review: Saint Frances (2020)

There’s a great line at the halfway point of Saint Frances were the film’s central character is experiencing a strange existential conflict. Her mother asks her, “if you could chose between never having been born or being born into the life you’re in right now, which would you choose?” Bridget genuinely doesn’t know how toContinue reading “HUMMEL Review: Saint Frances (2020)”

Ethical Consumption Under Woke Capitalism: Losing the Culture by Abandoning Entertainment

There’s a popular quote floating around in far-left, anti-capitalist and progressive circles: “there is no ethical consumption under capitalism”. The sentiment is based on a logical contradiction at the heart of where modern consumer culture meets progressive activism. We’re only human and we’re living in an unethical economic system. The system is corrupt and exploitativeContinue reading “Ethical Consumption Under Woke Capitalism: Losing the Culture by Abandoning Entertainment”

GUG Review: The Funeral Home

Following up on my recent series of low-budget horror reviews for, my second film in the series was a small Argentinian horror film called The Funeral Home. I’ve been genuinely curious to see horror films from other cultures becoming a primary feature of modern cinema. Films like Get Out and Blood Quantum have earnedContinue reading “GUG Review: The Funeral Home”

PODCAST – Jessica Crets Discusses the Empathy of De Palma Films!

A fellow veteran from my short job at Rebeller Media joined me the past week for a fun discussion on the works of Brian De Palma! Jessica Crets is a creative writing student from Missouri who pitched a piece to our editor about the empathetic storytelling in De Palma’s 1980 film Dressed to Kill. AsContinue reading “PODCAST – Jessica Crets Discusses the Empathy of De Palma Films!”

HUMMEL Review: Thomas Sowell – Common Sense in a Senseless World (2021)

If you asked me who the three most important modern conservatives intellectuals were, I would answer: Victor Davis Hanson, the late Sir Roger Scruton and Thomas Sowell. All three of these men have done incredible work in the fields of history, philosophy and economics and driven their respective subjects toward in a time when moralContinue reading “HUMMEL Review: Thomas Sowell – Common Sense in a Senseless World (2021)”

PODCAST – Jacob Airey Talks the Snyder Cut of Justice League

Our regular comics expert and perennial bomb thrower Jacob Airey once again joined the AntiSocial Network this past week to discuss his thoughts on last week’s release of Justice League on HBO Max. Jacob is a long-time critic of Zack Snyder, whom he considers a hack, but he jumped on the chance to watch theContinue reading “PODCAST – Jacob Airey Talks the Snyder Cut of Justice League”

GUG Classic Review: The Maltese Falcon

Turner Classic Movies recently released The Maltese Falcon on the big screen to coincide with the film’s 70th anniversary! Thankfully, I was able to cross the border into Indiana while my local theaters were still closed to catch the film while it was playing! John Huston’s wonderful, cynical and mean spirited mystery thriller remains oneContinue reading “GUG Classic Review: The Maltese Falcon”