8 Books to Introduce You to Medieval History

If you’re still calling the Middle Ages the “dark ages,” I’ve got some bad news for you. You’ve been lied too. The Western medieval period was a time a flourishing art, literature, and thought. It was given then term “dark ages” by Enlightenment era thinkers to help contrast their age from others. Now there isContinue reading “8 Books to Introduce You to Medieval History”

Ignorance is Virtue: How Do You Do, Fellow Rednecks?

On Oct. 31st, Lady Gaga tweeted a video of herself dressed in camo, standing by a lifted truck, and “drinking” a beer. In the video she promotes voting Biden and tells her fans she’ll be in her home state of PA, presumably to campaign for Joe. Upon seeing it I laughed out loud. The clipContinue reading “Ignorance is Virtue: How Do You Do, Fellow Rednecks?”

The Conservative Case for Trump

Donald Trump is imperfect. He is overtly lacking, deeply flawed. From his extra-marital failures to his maddeningly imprecise language. He is a bull in a china shop. A metaphorical middle finger to establishment elites far too cozy on their porcelain thrones. The core of what he says is usually correct, but his details are fuzzy,Continue reading “The Conservative Case for Trump”

In Defiance of the Dark: How Preserving American Culture means celebrating Halloween!

Let me begin by stating my obvious bias, I love Halloween. I like scary stories, I love pumpkin spice lattes, fake cobwebs, classic horror movies, pumpkin carving, and ghoulish skeletons. My favorite Halloween pastime is handing out candy, longing for the day when I can take my own children trick-or-treating. For the past several years,Continue reading “In Defiance of the Dark: How Preserving American Culture means celebrating Halloween!”

Book Review – The Amityville Horror (1977)

Before the Satanic Panic took hold of the American consciousness, there was the “Satanic Passion” when Americans couldn’t get enough kitschy occult horror. The passion was moved, for the most part, by movies: Rosemary’s Baby, based on a book; The Omen, based on a book, The Exorcist, based on a book; and The Amityville Horror,Continue reading “Book Review – The Amityville Horror (1977)”

Ignorance is Virtue: The Hilarious Irony of Leftist Myth Making

A statue of Medusa was unveiled in Manhattan this month. This is unremarkable on its face—Greek Myth has long been a subject of artistic endeavor, including painting and statuary. There’s just one difference about this one: Medusa is the “hero” who has slain and beheaded the “villain,” Perseus. According to the artist, it’s a metaphorContinue reading “Ignorance is Virtue: The Hilarious Irony of Leftist Myth Making”

A Deficit of Courage

Eric Greitens was exonerated of ethic violation charges in February of 2020. I know what you’re thinking: who the hell is Eric Greitens? Well, he was Governor of Missouri. Was? Yes, because he resigned. He resigned from his position as governor despite knowing the truth of himself: that he had not taken pictures of hisContinue reading “A Deficit of Courage”