Cultural Review was founded in October of 2020 to serve as an independent alternative to cultural commentary in online discussion. In an age of deep political and social divisions, it’s the view our our founders that the most effective tool in society is fostering new institutions and rational discussion. Our hope is to provide intelligent takes on issues that encourage positive growth and maturity in the public discourse while also offering thoughtful and enjoyable commentary on popular culture and entertainment from a culturally conservative and religious perspective!

Graphic design by Crystal Cali and Meaghan Green

Editor-in-Chief: Tyler Hummel

After graduating from Tribeca Flashpoint College with a degree in Recording Arts, I spent several years roaming around the greater Chicago areas seeking work as a freelance audio technician and recording artist. During this time, I joined FVTV Public Access in Sugar Grove, IL as a television producer and worked as a boom operator on numerous TV Pilots and short films, as well as the award winning independent film Speaking in Tongues. After a brief stint freelancing and interning at Periscope Post and Audio, I shifted my creative focus to other aspects of creative work. I produced several short films and commercials for local small businesses and began pouring more energy into my writing.

In December of 2017, I joined Geeks Under Grace as a film writer and continue to write there to this day as one of the site’s most frequent movie and book reviewers. In the time since, I’ve been published at Legal Insurrection, The Daily Wire, Hollywood in Toto, The ED Blog, StudioJake, ArcDigital and the now defunct Rebeller Media. My writing has varied from religious analysis of popular cinema to news blogging and political commentary. My hope is to bring a fresh perspective of moderation, moralism and religiosity to modern discussions of popular culture in deeply divided times.

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