Happy July 4th, 2022 — A Day for Conservative Celebration!

Nowadays, it’s rare to feel optimistic about the future. The March of the progressive cathedral has seemed to move unabated and every meager conservative victory has been met in force with a larger progressive reaction and retribution. The meager gains of Trumpism were wiped out in a year, and replaced with an administration of bumbling incompetence, war, and crippling stagflation.

The future doesn’t look bright for America, and yet there is much to celebrate today! The first half of 2022 has delivered the conservative side of the aisle five great victories, the likes of which are unprecedented in their impact and could set the stage for a positive change.

Anti-“Groomer” legislation has been sweeping the nation. Florida Governor Desantis seemingly won a war with the Disney Corporation in retaliation for its woke posturing, punishing them with tens of millions of dollars of taxes by removing their tax exempt status. Elon Musk purchased Twitter, promising to turn it into a haven for free speech. Now I’m just the past two weeks, the Supreme Court has struck down environmental legislation, Gun control and has gifted conservatism its greatest victory in 50 years, the abolition of Roe vs Wade.

On top of that, the January 6th hearings have proved fruitless, as a recent witness has had to straight-up lie on the stand to implicate the previous administration. Most excitingly, a recent AP report suggests over one million Americans switched their party affliction to Republican. We are likely to see a massive red wave in November in retaliation to the Biden administration!

The left’s failures are laid bare. Their corrupt machine is clearly at the wheel and we’re watching it’s consequences play out in real time — watching it destroy the economy, watching record breaking gas prices harm the middle class, watching inflation make food prices skyrocket, mismanaging Afghanistan so badly that a two decades of war fighting was destroyed in a month, and finally watching at the government pours more money into the (justified) war in Ukraine than we did in Iraq with the likely reality that it will go to waste.

In short, the government is bloated, deluded, dishonest and must cover for all of its obvious failures. And unlike the preverbal Jeffrey Epstein, it killed itself and it will suffer for it in the midterms — likely losing the 2024 election to President Desantis or President Trump.

And the response to all this has been very knee jerk, with the “Blame America First” crowd already dancing on the grave of the preverbal republic and declaring their belief that America is dead.

Certainly these are tepid victories for the right. Each one could easily be undermined in very simple ways. Disney is still very much alive and woke, Musk hasn’t officially been handed the keys to the kingdom, and as it stands, the Supreme Court is in a sensitive position. Their decisions could cause massive leftist retaliation either in the legislature or in the 2022 midterms.

Leftist politicians have already started laying out their national strategy for reaffirming pro-choice in the law. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Adam Schaffer, and Rep. Ilhan Omar have already called for packing the Supreme Court to overturn the “extremism” of Trump’s three Supreme Court picks and also to pass pro-choice legislation.

This won’t happen likely though. The Democrats won’t have Sinema or Manchin to support their votes and they’ll be two votes short of what they need for a clean vote to do either of those things, even if they do abolish the filibuster like they want. Major constitutional amendments also require a 2/3rds majority which they’d only get with a clean sweep in the primary.

For the moment, we’ve taken some ground back. The flow of combat has turned in our favor for the first time in several years and it feels good. The left overplayed their hand and our victories at the local levels have given us the muscles to exert ourselves, protect our children and put the right people in power who could do the right thing when the time was right.

The culture war will continue and it will only get worse going forward. The worst years are likely ahead of us as the cultural institutions will attempt to crack down and cement their power further. Abortion and gun control will continue to be issued that energize the left for years to come. The culture war is only just beginning and it will continue until one side is thoroughly defeated, unless some sort of conflict breaks out in the meantime.

The left is only going to become more belligerent, more violent, more accusatory and less forgiving. They’re going to be out for blood and we need to be (metaphorically) ready. We must keep our eyes in the right direction. Small victories are nice but these are just battles in the war. The target is what it has always been: the media, the academy, Hollywood, the Cathedral of leftist thought. We have to play the long game, remember that this is a war of incentives and strategies.

In the meantime, today ought to be a day to celebrate. The most frothing and angry leftists will spend today screaming “Fuck America” and attempt to boycott the holiday, and we should simply embrace our happy warrior ethos again and enjoy the fact that for today the sun is shining, that the BBQs are warm and that the sky is bright with color!

Today, America is a great nation and all is right in the world! Tomorrow we fight once again. But we must’ve forget to enjoy the feast! Happy Independence Day!

Published by Tyler Hummel

Editor-in-Chief at Cultural Review, College Fix Fellow at Main Street Media, Regular Film Critic for Geeks Under Grace and the New York Sun, Published at ArcDigital, Rebeller, The DailyWire, Hollywood in Toto, Legal Insurrection and The ED Blog, Host of The AntiSocial Network Podcast

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