The AntiSocial Network Podcast – The Liturgical Calendar, Journalism, Anti-Medievalism and Orthodoxy

I’ve certainly been falling behind on my contributions to Cultural Revue lately. Work has been kicking the crap out of me lately and it has been difficult to balance the needs of Main Street Nashville, The New York Sun, Geeks Under Grace, AND Cultural Revue.

I’m definitely going to be looking into ways I can deliver more weekly content, especially now that I have a handful of financial backers on Patreon. If anyone has ideas about content they would like, I’d love to hear them! I want to continually deliver quality content to the best of my ability!

In the meantime, it’s time for podcast catchup. There have been four podcasts this month with very different guests and it was a lot of fun sitting down with all of them to talk about their specialties.

My friend Arlie Coles, the resident Anglicanism expert for the show, joined for the second time to discuss the role and symbolism of the liturgical Christian calender and how it works!

In one of our biggest interviews in a while, former Washington Examiner journalist, creator of the Habibi Power Hour, and creator of the infamous Twitter “list” of people who need their phones taken away, Siraj Hashmi joined the show to discuss his career in journalism and his new job at Rumble, where this podcast will shortly be premiering!

Pr. Rachel Fulton-Brown of the University of Chicago joined the podcast yet again for her bi-yearly visit to discuss the themes of medievalism and anti-medievalism in contemporary Hollywood, also joined by fellow Cultural Revue contributor Anastasia Cosmo!

And our most recent discussion brought in the opinionated but awesome individual known as Kaleb of Atlanta, a Twitter user whose work online has helped do a great deal of evangelical work to bring attention to the Eastern Orthodox Church!

Published by Tyler Hummel

Editor-in-Chief at Cultural Review, College Fix Fellow at Main Street Media, Regular Film Critic for Geeks Under Grace and the New York Sun, Published at ArcDigital, Rebeller, The DailyWire, Hollywood in Toto, Legal Insurrection and The ED Blog, Host of The AntiSocial Network Podcast

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