Fundraiser: Help Support the Cultural Revue!

Editor’s Note: A special thanks needs to go out to my online friends Ginger and Lou who collectively donated the first $12 to the Cultural Revue’s fundraiser! I cannot thank them enough!

When I started the Cultural Revue back in October 2019, I wanted to create a space where interesting people from across the internet and across the political aisle could share their opinions and cultivate reasonable and intelligent discussions. In the past 15 months, the website has been able to play host to many wonderful essays from our editors Tyler Hummel and Anastasia Cosmo as well as dozens of guest pieces from our friends 

We are asking our community to help us build Cultural Revue into something stronger!

With a small monthly donation, you can help us cover the operating expenses of and the AntiSocial Network Podcast and eventually expand our website into something larger and more influential! 

Our initial fundraising goal at the moment is $110/Month, which will help us cover the expenses of providing bi-weekly content for the website, covering the cost of film screenings for reviews, and maintaining our subscription services with WordPress, Buzzsprout, and Adobe Premiere, which allow us to host and edit the podcast and website. 

Our second stage goal is to expand to $200/Month. At this stage, we will be able to give the show and its editing process a massive upgrade with new subscriptions to Pro-Tools 12 and Adobe Creative Cloud, increasing our editing capacity and the quality of weekly podcast content. 

Lastly, our final stretch goal is $500/Month. Once Cultural Revue and The AntiSocial Network have expanded, I want to pour additional money back into Cultural Revue by paying for regular weekly content. We’d eventually like to bring on a weekly news editor to cover current events and pay for academic-level papers and culture/entertainment commentary for us to host freely to the public. 

We want to make Cultural Revue and The AntiSocial Network into something special and help raise the level of conversation happening in the world right now, and between that, we’d like to host thoughtful and fun content, film reviews, and such that anyone can enjoy and relate to!

Please consider a small donation to Cultural Revue’s Patreon as you are able! We really appreciate it!  


Tyler Hummel, Editor-in-Chief of

Published by Tyler Hummel

Editor-in-Chief at Cultural Review, College Fix Fellow at Main Street Media, Regular Film Critic for Geeks Under Grace and the New York Sun, Published at ArcDigital, Rebeller, The DailyWire, Hollywood in Toto, Legal Insurrection and The ED Blog, Host of The AntiSocial Network Podcast

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