GUG Book Review: Tolkien’s Modern Reading

I just recently finished a MASSIVE bing of review copies for Geeks Under Grace that I’ve been meaning to knock out. I still have one more I’m working on as we speak but I’ve turned in reviewed for the rest of them and they’ll slowly be unfurled and published in the next few weeks.

The first is Tolkien’s Modern Reading; a massive work of scholarship on the life of JRR Tolkien. Professor Holly Ordway did the slow but diligent work of digging through Tolkien’s records to slowly piece together what kinds of “contemporary” literature the great classicist read outside of his language studies.

The result is a massive work that slowly itemizes Tolkien’s opinions on dozens of authors and lays out a contemporary history of late 19th century British popular fiction.

Special thanks to Word on Fire for sending me a review copy!

You can check out my review now live at Geeks Under Grace!

Published by Tyler Hummel

Editor-in-Chief at Cultural Review, College Fix Fellow at Main Street Media, Regular Film Critic for Geeks Under Grace and the New York Sun, Published at ArcDigital, Rebeller, The DailyWire, Hollywood in Toto, Legal Insurrection and The ED Blog, Host of The AntiSocial Network Podcast

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