PODCAST – Steve Donoghue, BookTube and Book Reviewing

Our newest podcast is live! In light of the overly serious tone of the show in recent weeks (months…), were endeavoring to scale things back and do some more lighthearted interviews and entertainment discussions.

Next week we’re scheduled to interview Jacob Airey to discuss HBO Max’s release of the SnyderCut and the following week we will be hanging out with Eric and Sannah yet again to discuss the depiction of Jesus movie in honor of Good Friday!

This week, we were joined by Steve Donoghue. Steve is a prolific BookTube channel with one of the most impressive backlog of book reviews online of anyone I know! He’s a regularly book reviewer for the Open Letters Review and his writing has appeared in numerous websites and papers!

You can view the podcast we recorded with him now on YouTube and it will be available on Apple Podcasts within the next week!

Published by Tyler Hummel

Editor-in-Chief at Cultural Review, College Fix Fellow at Main Street Media, Regular Film Critic for Geeks Under Grace and the New York Sun, Published at ArcDigital, Rebeller, The DailyWire, Hollywood in Toto, Legal Insurrection and The ED Blog, Host of The AntiSocial Network Podcast

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