The Atlantic’s Ta Nehisi-Coates to Write J.J. Abram’s “Superman” Film, Starring a Black Superman

In one of this week’s least expected pieces of news, Ta Nehisi-Coates has been hired to write the newest Superman film for Warner Brothers.

As Deadline reports:

“Deadline has confirmed that author Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing a Superman reboot feature for Warner Bros and DC, which J.J. Abrams is producing under his Bad Robot label. Hannah Minghella will serve as producer. No plot yet and no attachments despite the fact that we’ve heard how Henry Cavill is eager to get back into the cape.”

Subsequently, The Hollywood Reporter has claimed that the story will not necessarily recast Man of Steel and The Witcher star Henry Cavill and still instead cast a black lead.

“According to sources, the project is being set up as a Black Superman story. This is something that the studio has been trying to wrap its head around for months, if not a year or two. Michael B. Jordan tried to develop a Black Superman project when he first arrived at the studio with his deal in 2019, but that did not go very far at the time, according to sources. It is possible that the studio could return to him to star down the line.”

Speculation online has suggested that the character on screen will not be portraying the traditional Clark Kent version of superman but the alternate universe version Calvin Ellis, a black Superman who moonlights as the president of the United States. The character was heavily inspired by the then current president Barrack Obama.

As writes:

“There is precedent in DC Comics to go this route, popularized by Grant Morrison and Doug Mahnk in the epic event series Final Crisis which introduced Kalel AKA Calvin Ellis. The popular character serves both as President of the United States and the superhero Superman.”

These decisions have raised a number of eyebrows among conservative and anti-SJW comic book movie fans online who are familiar with Ta Nehisi-Coates’ prior work. He has written Black Panther and Captain America comics for Marvel Comics but both series were met with generally lukewarm reception from fans.

As Bounding in Comics writes:

“The first issue [of Black Panther in April of 2016] shipped 55,314 copies. However by the book’s 12th issue, Marvel was only shipping 37,612 copies. By January 2018, the book was only shipping 21,321 copies.” 

In the 1990s, comic books used to sell hundreds of thousands of issues issue at the height of their success.

Outside of comics, Ta Nehisi-Coates is famous as one of the most prolific and provocative black intellectuals in the United States. In 2014, he wrote the infamous Atlantic cover story The Case for Reparations which has since become the central point of reference for much of the modern identitarian left’s calls for slavery reparations over 150 years after the abolition of slavery.

His 2017 piece The First White President castigated President Donald Trump as an overt white supremacist and his 2018 piece I’m Not Black, I’m Kanye he dismissed the popular rapper as a race traitor who wanted to liberate himself from his blackness by associating himself with President Trump. For good measure, he also infamously wrote that he wasn’t affected by the deaths of Americans and first responders during the September 11 attacks.

“They were not human to me. Black, white, or whatever, they were menaces of nature; they were the fire, the comet, the storm, which could — with no justification — shatter my body.”

By most regards, Ta Nehisi-Coates is a seething racist lunatic who takes deep joy in dismissing white Americans as universally immoral and reprehensible monsters who’s sole function is the destruction of blackness and black bodies. In his book Between the World and Me, he writes:

“White America is a syndicate arrayed to protect its exclusive power to dominate and control our bodies.”

Evidently, J.J. Abrams and Warner Brothers think this is the kind of energy that they want to foster surrounding their new highly anticipated Superman sequel… This is the kind of artist they want to write a story about “Truth, Justice and the American Way”…

I’ll give the final word to Tucker Carlson who’s summation of his career in Ship of Fools is the best takedown I’ve read on Coates’ work.

“New York Times critic A.O. Scott called Coates’s writing “essential, like water or air,” suggesting the words aren’t merely eloquent but sacred. “Don’t know if in US Commentary there is a more beautiful writer than Ta Nehisi Coates,” Rachel Maddow once enthused. A New Yorker Profile concluded that a “Coates Byline promises something different: intelligent ideas expressed beautifully, sentences that hit you like body blows.” Author Jordan Michael Smith declared Coates “the single best writer on the subject of race in the United States”…

Ship of Fools, Page 157

I’m starting to think my theory that white liberals get sexual pleasure out of being called racists might be true… more on that in next week’s opinion piece…

“Racism is omnipresent, Coates argues and it is getting worse. To prove it, Coates cites a remark Barack Obama once made but probably didn’t mean, that his daughters shouldn’t benefit from affirmative action. To Coates, this is proof that racism was alive and well. The solution is reparations. Despite the length of [his] essay, Coates never describes a mechanism for redistributing tax dollars to the descendants of slaves. Nor does he describe how much it might cost. He suggests the amount might be infinite… This vagueness is frustrating, but it might be the only genuinely brilliant part of the essay. Coates knows there will never be monetary reparations for slavery. He doesn’t want or need them. If he did, he’d work up a number. What he wants is a moral victory. This desire dovetails with what his overwhelmingly white readership wants. Elites feel like good people when they read Ta-Nehisi Coates. It’s exactly the kind of book you’d like to be seen bringing to the beach. What they don’t want is to change their lives in any meaningful way. Coates doesn’t ask them to. Admit you’re bad, Coates says. Gladly they reply. Nothing changes except for how elites feel about themselves. Coats is their confessor. His books are their penance.”

Ship of Fools, Pages 158-159

Suddenly it makes sense why liberal Hollywood wants him to write a Superman movie! He is the salve of the guilty white liberal who feels the need to shed his sin without physically sacrificing anything. He is the priest in the confessional asking the guilty sinner to self-flagellate publicly and buy his book to purge their sins. Black intellectuals like Cornel West can see what he is and have called him out as a “neoliberal face on the black ]freedom struggle,” who ” fetishiz[es] white supremacy”.

“Why would a racist nation bother to pretend Between the World and Me is a smart book? Or maybe the fact that critics feverishly maintained the pretense proves Coates’ point: only a racist country would so disingenuously praise a mediocre black writer.”

Ship of Fools, Page 167

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