A Brief Recap of WandaVision – Episode 5

I’m starting to run out of ways to come up with crackpot theories about where WandaVision is going. If nothing else, it feels like the series is starting to settle into its final stretch. Wanda is clearly (Mostly) the instigator of what is happening and she is a great deal more hostile that I initially assumed. That said, there are still reasons to be curious. The show seems to still have a few surprises to pull out of it’s hat.

The episode this week was otherwise a continuation of last week’s reveals. SWORD is trying to contact Wanda and we find out that she broke into their headquarters, stole Vision’s body and “resurrected” him in an unspecified way.

Once they figure out how to successfully fly a drone into the “hex”, they try to talk to her only for her to perceive it as a threat. Wanda emerges from the bubble surrounding her town and threatens them to leave her alone. She then brainwashes the soldiers to threaten each other and does something to the bearer that turns it red (I assume this means she’s officially cut off the town from the outside world).

In the best dramatic moment of the series thus far, Vision ends up freaking out when he realizes that Wanda is up to something and that he has no memories outside of his brief life inside the bubble. He realizes she’s brainwashing people and controlling reality but doesn’t understand how or way.

Naturally, that’s not the biggest talking point of the episode though. Elizabeth Olsen started making noises last week about a Luke Skywalker sized surprise that was upcoming in the show. Immediately, fans started speculating who the likely MAJOR cameo was going to be: Doctor Strange, Quicksilver, Magneto, etc.

Much to my surprise, the episode actually does end on the “surprise” cameo that was hinted at by Olsen. She’s greeted by her brother Quicksilver. To her surprise, it’s not HER quicksilver. This version is played by Evan Peters who portrayed the character in X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix.

This raises a few interesting questions:

1. If an alternate universe rendition of Quicksilver is running around how is Wanda actually controlling the Hex?

2. Is this the ACTUAL Quicksilver from the Fox timeline or just a jokey cameo? The characters joke that Wanda “recast” her brother but it’s not clear. If he is from the alternative timeline, that would suggest that Doctor Strange is going to step in to address the multiverse shenanigans going on.

3. If this does turn out to be the ACTUAL Quicksilver, is this a way to feather mutants and the X-Men films into the MCU cleanly? If so, will it turn out that Magneto was her father all along?

We still have four episodes left so it’ll be another month before we have answers to all these questions!

Published by Tyler Hummel

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