The Cynicism of “Unity”: A Call For Biden to Distance Himself From the Radical Left

As Joe Biden moved into the transitionary phase in preparation for taking over the White House this month, he’s sold himself as a candidate of reconciliation. His own Twitter account makes it sound like he’s the great uniter and that some vision of America has come back now that the hell of the Trump administrationContinue reading “The Cynicism of “Unity”: A Call For Biden to Distance Himself From the Radical Left”

GUG Review – News of the World (2020)

I’ve been meaning to put more effort into linking my work being published outside of the Cultural Revue more frequently. Part of my initial goal with this website was creating a space where I can accumulate my waste swath of disparate material across the internet into one convenient place where anyone can find it. Admittedly,Continue reading “GUG Review – News of the World (2020)”

DailyWire Releases Trailer for it’s First Film Distribution: “Run Hide Fight”

As part of their recent attempt to expand their business model, the conservative news outlet The DailyWire announced today that their first film that they will be distribution will be released on January 15th to their subscribers, following a premiere livestream on January 14th. According to the website’s own announcement: “The Daily Wire announced MondayContinue reading “DailyWire Releases Trailer for it’s First Film Distribution: “Run Hide Fight””

Guest Book Review – Lucky Jim (1954) – How it’s Laying Siege to the Academic Ivory Tower

In recent years there have been complaints about both the university environment and the standard of education being provided. It seems that pretension and bogus studies have taken precedent over material that should help enlighten and civilize the student. What value does it have despite higher education being a profitable industry worth billions of dollarsContinue reading “Guest Book Review – Lucky Jim (1954) – How it’s Laying Siege to the Academic Ivory Tower”

PARKER Review – Wonder Woman 1984 (With Spoilers)

TLDR: Wonder Woman 1984 is a campy, incoherent mess. If you are really nostalgic for Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin, but would prefer a Wonder Woman version of it, this is for you. I wasn’t bored, exactly, but I was doing a lot of cringing and incredulous head shaking as I made it through thisContinue reading “PARKER Review – Wonder Woman 1984 (With Spoilers)”

HUMMEL Review: First Cow (2020)

Two men, alone in the Northwestern territories circa 1820, find themselves open to a scheme of thievery wherein they steal milk from a local rich benefactor to start a business selling fresh honey biscuits to local fur trappers. When they’re eventually caught, they two men go on the run and try to hide from theContinue reading “HUMMEL Review: First Cow (2020)”