GUG Review: Hunted (2021)

My review for Shudder’s newest original film went live at Geeks Under Grace! The film in question is a post-modern retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story that reframed its archetypal fairy tale as a revenge story about the power dynamics between a violent rapist and his would-be victim. This film was a bluntContinue reading “GUG Review: Hunted (2021)”

America, Racism and War: How Glory (1989) Challenges Racism in a Meaningful Way

In an age where race is one of the most discussed aspects of modern life (depressingly), it’s worth considering just how the topic is portrayed on film. Discussions on the topic are almost always complex minefields of semiotics and sensitive issues. In film though, race tends to bring out fire brands. Film critics praise scorchingContinue reading “America, Racism and War: How Glory (1989) Challenges Racism in a Meaningful Way”

SPOILER Review – Star Trek: Discovery – Season 3

In episode two of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery, one scene in particular has really unsettled fans of the classic science fiction franchise. A janitor named “Gene” is picking up a mess of blood and gore on the ground while the characters from the show dismiss him as irrelevant. The joke isn’t hardContinue reading “SPOILER Review – Star Trek: Discovery – Season 3”

A Brief Recap of WandaVision – Episodes 1 and 2

I’ve been super interested in Disney+‘s first planned Marvel series. 2020 was primarily focused on Star Wars and Hamilton content that earned the fledgling streaming service it’s early reputation. This year, Disney+ will be focusing more on Marvel Studios content with its upcoming projects like WandaVision, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki and Ms. Marvel. TheContinue reading “A Brief Recap of WandaVision – Episodes 1 and 2”

PODCAST – Kirk Wilcox Discusses the Virtues of Randian Objectivism

Welcome back to the podcast! The show has been on pause since Christmas to recollect and work on building a new guest list for the immediate future. Now we’re back and ready to roll with a new slate of interesting internet people! I’m happy to be back this week with an exciting news guest! KirkContinue reading “PODCAST – Kirk Wilcox Discusses the Virtues of Randian Objectivism”

HUMMEL Review: Run Hide Fight (2021)

Run Hide Fight has a pretty edgy premise as far as indie action thrillers go. In an obvious riff of Die Hard, the story follows a young woman with a background as a survivalist who gets caught in a school shooting. Thanks to her background and knowledge of self defense, she decides to find aContinue reading “HUMMEL Review: Run Hide Fight (2021)”

My Eight Favorite Games of the Eighth Console Generation

2013-2020 was a strange time for me in terms of my gaming habits. My most dedicated peak as a gamer was between 2010 (when I purchased my Xbox 360) and the spring of 2014 when I became fully enraptured by my freshman year of college. Following this period, I developed a very mercenary attitude towardsContinue reading “My Eight Favorite Games of the Eighth Console Generation”

COSMO – “Political Violence Rocks Boston Harbor!”

December 1773: Boston, Massachusetts Colony Authorities are left shocked and appalled by the egregious act of political violence undertaken last month. A rabble of violent thugs burst onto Griffin’s Wharf in Boston Harbor on the night of December 16th. Dressed in ridiculous garb, they boarded several docks ships, and dumped approximately 342 chests of importedContinue reading “COSMO – “Political Violence Rocks Boston Harbor!””

Book Review: The Magicians Nephew (1955)

It’s well known that the Narnia books all borrow elements from Christianity to form the backbone of their narrative. At time, the narrative can be mere suggestion or buried in subtext. In other books like The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, the subtext is less subtle. Aslan is Narnia’s representation of the incarnate ChristContinue reading “Book Review: The Magicians Nephew (1955)”

HUMMEL Review – Monster Hunter (2020)

What is there to say at this point about the works of Paul W.S. Anderson? Even when he was making marginally more creative films like Event Horizon and Soldier, his works still him squarely in the B-Film side of Hollywood. Since then he became the central creative of the long running Resident Evil franchise andContinue reading “HUMMEL Review – Monster Hunter (2020)”