COSMO – Blackpilled or Bust: What does the Disillusioned Right Do Now?

I have nothing to say on the Patriot’s March that took place in Washington D.C on January 6th, 2021 that hasn’t already been said. I don’t care that Antifa agitators were involved; I don’t care about the optics. The ship is sailed. The curtain is down. A Patriot who served her country in unless wars for fourteen years now lies dead—murdered by the ungrateful nation she devoted so much of her life to. I may have more to say on Ashli Babbit, whose name I will never forget, but for now, things are moving swiftly.

As I write this, 01/08/2021, the social media purges are taking place. Prominent voices are being exiled from polite society. And its going to get worse.

Soon, it won’t just be social media. It’ll be real life polite society. Your friends and family are going to start demanding to know who you voted for, egged on by radical and establishment leftists and neo-cons. It will be done under the pretense of healing and honesty (i.e., a struggle session). A refusal to answer will be seen as a mark of guilt. Friends are going to be lost, you’re going to be denied the right to see your grandchildren or your nieces/nephews, and you’re going to be fired or marginalized from your workplace.

The politicians will come for your guns. What happened on January 6th scared the shit out of them. Lindsey Graham had the look of a man hoisted up by the very hand of God and given a good shake. He won’t do anything for your gun rights, in fact—he’ll be pro-gun control, if not to protect his worthless, wrinkly hide from the filthy peasants who dared to walk the halls of power, then merely out of spite for us.

These are just two examples of what I think the future holds.

Biden’s promise of a “long, dark winter” will be made manifest on inauguration day. We have been conquered, invaded by a foreign power masquerading as our countrymen.   

So now we must ask the question: what do we do now?

Those who shirked their duty on the 6th, who used the Patriot’s March as an escape hatch from responsibility have finally shown us the true color of their blood—yellow. They do not deserve your support, they do not deserve your pity, they do not deserve your vote. Do not speak of them without anything other than scorn. Our conquerors do not deserve the legitimacy of polite language.

We have become strangers in a strange land, pilgrims lost in the wilderness.

Terrifying, though, that may be, we must embrace the journey and were it leads us—we have no other option but to wander the wild for however long God demands. We are players in the archetypal journey of the Nation-State, which, in its decrepit decadence must be overthrown and ruled by uncouth, tyrannical barbarians before it can rise again.

We may get to play a role in the enfolding human drama of liberty but we can only do that with assurance in ourselves and our beliefs. Now is the time to harden your conviction. Now is the time to study the great heroes of old. Now is the time to embrace your status as outcast. Only in darkness can we see the stars.

It isn’t going to easy. No adventure ever should be. Our conquerors have maligned us as racists and sexists; as bigots, homophobes; as Nazis and Klansmen—now they have a bevy of new terms in their arsenal. Now they will call you traitor. Now they will call you terrorist. Now they will call you seditious. But these words are meaningless when uttered by a conqueror. You cannot betray what has been stolen from you.

If you are squeamish, my advice is to go quiet. There is not shame in retreating from a fight you didn’t start and don’t want. I hope you will find the courage to remain obstinate in your principles.

For all of us, quiet and noisy alike, I offer this advice:

Train your mind with the words and deeds of the great heroes of the West; men like Aristotle, Alexander, Cicero, Julius Caesar, Boethius, Machiavelli, Jefferson, Washington, etc. By strengthening your soul, you strengthen the body politic.

Make every small effort to stop purchasing from major corporations and particularly, Chinese goods. This will be difficult, especially in the coming years of Chinese dominance. No one expects or demand perfection in this. Any effort should be made with pride. Do not shame yourself for purchasing necessities—America manufactures very few things now and that’s not going to change any time soon.

Take up a craft or skill, something that allows you to work with your hands and mind, something that allows you to build, to create. From now on your hobby should no longer be TV or media.

If you haven’t already, cancel your establishment media subscriptions and begin supporting independent content creators on independent free speech-oriented platforms. This does not mean that you completely cut yourself off from traditional media, but you should begin changing your habits to better align to your beliefs.

Prepare a plan in the event of a crisis. Ensure that you have shelf stable foodstuffs just in case it becomes difficult to go to the grocery store. Make sure you keep your gas tanks full, store gasoline if you have the ability. Keep your ammunition and loading supplies in a safe and dry place, ensure family members who may need them can access them too. Decide on a meeting place for family in case you must go to ground.

If you have children make preparation for homeschooling. The public school system has consistently show us its ineptitude in learning and its aptitude of cranking out Marxist agitators.

Ensure you have a firearm, surplus ammunition, and know how to use this firearm.

Express nothing but a desire for peace while making it clear that you will not have peace at the expense of your Natural Rights.

Remember, our enemies are abundant and most know not what they do. This does not excuse them from their behavior, this does not preclude them from their complicity in evil. Instead, it should remind us what we fight for—them, as well as for ourselves and our posterity.

We must mutually pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our Sacred Honor to the cause of liberty—not the milquetoast silver chains of lower-class wealth and middle-class poverty, but the dangerous natural state of man free from the tyranny of his fellow man.

I don’t have all the answers, no one does. But I’ve been contemplating this future for some time. I’ve seen reedy flashes of it with each passing day. Last year, I dedicated time to learning a craft, I dramatically cut down on my (admittedly already small) imbibement of television and movies, and began asking myself more questions about the things I purchase.

Tech oligarchs and their cronies in D.C. have begun to cut our ability to communicate. It’s the first step in war. They want us isolated. Divided, disillusioned, and alone we’re easier to control.

From the beginning communists have called each other “fellow travelers.” I would like to posit an alternative. Pilgrims were common in the middle ages. They left their homes, sometimes for months or even years, to travel to a holy site, pay homage to a particular saint and worship their Creator and Redeemer. They were meant to travel in rags and pious humility, sometimes alone, sometimes in groups. When you met the on the road and asked for alms or aide, you were supposed to help them—as a fellow Christian, as a pilgrim of fleeting mortality.

We are pilgrims. We have a destination in mind, a community we wish to build. Our intention is not to usurp the natural order and move on like a traveler, but to reach our destination like a pilgrim. Right now, we’ve been exiled from mainstream society. I can name a number of great men whose best work occurred in their exile. Let us be like them. Let us take on the role of pilgrim.

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