The Conservative Case for Joe Biden

I have already voted for the first time in a general election. I mailed my ballot from my college around ten days ago at the time of writing this. However, this is not my first time voting technically. I voted in the democratic primary in March and local elections in the summer. On March thirdContinue reading “The Conservative Case for Joe Biden”

The Conservative Case for Trump

Donald Trump is imperfect. He is overtly lacking, deeply flawed. From his extra-marital failures to his maddeningly imprecise language. He is a bull in a china shop. A metaphorical middle finger to establishment elites far too cozy on their porcelain thrones. The core of what he says is usually correct, but his details are fuzzy,Continue reading “The Conservative Case for Trump”

The Conservative Case for Kanye West

“Poopy-di scoop, Scoop-diddy-whoop, Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop, Poop-di-scoopty, Scoopty-whoop…” Lift Yourself, Kanye West The man who wrote these “lyrics” is running for president and I’m deeply amused by that fact. I’m going to front load this piece by saying I was mostly kidding when I thought of writing this piece. Kanye West isn’t technically a “seriously candidate forContinue reading “The Conservative Case for Kanye West”