8 Books to Introduce You to Medieval History

If you’re still calling the Middle Ages the “dark ages,” I’ve got some bad news for you. You’ve been lied too. The Western medieval period was a time a flourishing art, literature, and thought. It was given then term “dark ages” by Enlightenment era thinkers to help contrast their age from others. Now there isContinue reading “8 Books to Introduce You to Medieval History”

Ethan Discusses the Launch of The Cultural Revue!

The AntiSocial Network has been slowing down substantially in the past two months. Prior to this last week, we’d only recorded two episodes since the beginning of September. That said, I’m happy to announce our new slate of upcoming episodes! I’ve already recorded episodes with Jennifer Greenberg and Professor Rachel Fulton-Brown that will be releasingContinue reading “Ethan Discusses the Launch of The Cultural Revue!”

12 Book Recommendations for Young Conservatives

As my grandpa once said, “school never did learn me nothin”. My education was somewhat similar. I was a B- average student through high school and college but it took a very long time for me to develop any sort of drive or intellectual passion in my adult life. Much of that passion coincided withContinue reading “12 Book Recommendations for Young Conservatives”

Book Review: The Final Martyrs (2008)

Despite being released in 2008, the eleven short stories comprised in this edition aren’t new short stories. The Japanese author Shusaku Endo conceived of the stories and published them between 1959 and 1985. Endo is most famous now for his 1966 masterpiece Silence. The book was launched into western discussion and prominence in 2016 followingContinue reading “Book Review: The Final Martyrs (2008)”

A Brief Mandalorian – Episode 10 Recap

I’m getting really invested into The Mandalorian once again! I couldn’t actually tell you why. For the most part, I’ve grown weary of spectacle blockbusters of late. For whatever reason though this show seeps right through my logical analysis into my lizard brain and makes me really REALLY happy! I already reviewed the season premiereContinue reading “A Brief Mandalorian – Episode 10 Recap”

Movie Review – The Gentlemen (2020)

I haven’t had much patience for Guy Ritchie lately. As far as I’ve been concerned, he’s the biggest hack in Hollywood. His Hollywood output since 2009 has been an unrelenting slate of style-over-substance blockbusters and shallow action films like Sherlock Holmes, Man From Uncle, King Arthur and Aladdin. These films tend to make huge andContinue reading “Movie Review – The Gentlemen (2020)”

Review: Hard Boiled (1992: John Woo: Hong Kong)

“I may be crazy but I’m not a monster.” – John Woo Chinese title 辣手神探 which is a rough translation of: Ruthless Super Cop or Spicy Hand Smart Detective; this was the same Chinese title used for Dirty Harry (1971). This movie is an end of an era. The last directed movie Woo would makeContinue reading “Review: Hard Boiled (1992: John Woo: Hong Kong)”

Ignorance is Virtue: How Do You Do, Fellow Rednecks?

On Oct. 31st, Lady Gaga tweeted a video of herself dressed in camo, standing by a lifted truck, and “drinking” a beer. In the video she promotes voting Biden and tells her fans she’ll be in her home state of PA, presumably to campaign for Joe. Upon seeing it I laughed out loud. The clipContinue reading “Ignorance is Virtue: How Do You Do, Fellow Rednecks?”

Joker, Cultural Chaos and the Depths of Moral Evil: How to Awkwardly Capture the Zeitgeist

I hadn’t watched Joker since I saw it opening night in the theater also last October. It’s not hard to explain why. It’s a deeply uncomfortable film to watch. Plus I pretty much got the gist of it the first time. I didn’t feel the need to return to the film after that first viewing.Continue reading “Joker, Cultural Chaos and the Depths of Moral Evil: How to Awkwardly Capture the Zeitgeist”

Book Review – How Should Christians Vote? by Tony Evans (2012)

I don’t actually remember when I bought this book. It only reappeared to me by coincidence this past month while I was digging through bins of old books I intended to donate. I must have bought it back in high school at a garage sale because the cover is torn and there’s a blue stickerContinue reading “Book Review – How Should Christians Vote? by Tony Evans (2012)”