The Conservative Case for Joe Biden

I have already voted for the first time in a general election. I mailed my ballot from my college around ten days ago at the time of writing this. However, this is not my first time voting technically. I voted in the democratic primary in March and local elections in the summer. On March third in the year of our lord 2020, I voted for Joe Biden, and I did the same thing again for the general. In any other timeline, I would vote for the republican nominee, but we are not in just any other timeline. We are in a timeline where the president of the United States is not only a morally reprehensible person, but a man who is a terrible president. A man who’s only purpose is himself, and whatever owns the libs.

I still consider myself republican somewhat, I voted for Ann Wagner to once again represent my district. I still love John Kasich, Mitt Romney, Larry Hogan, Charlie Baker, and so many more. I guess you consider me a “rino,” “moderate,” or if you will, a “Rockefeller Republican.” I am a moderate through and through, I emphasize the “center” in center-right. But at one point, I did support the president, not at first. I was a fan of Jeb Bush and John Kasich in the 2016 Republican Primaries. I loathed the at the time, candidate Trump, I saw him as a race baiting bigot. When Hillary Clinton started to look like she would be the Democratic Nominee, I very reluctantly supported Trump, and I should not have.

I started to change my mind about the man around February of last year. I became very tired of the Trump schtick, and my catalyst for leaving was Andrew Yang of all things. For the first time, I was excited about a candidate, and as I became more entrenched in the YangGang, I realized more and more how much damage this president has done. As I said earlier, I never liked him, but now I started to view him more critically than before, and the final straw was Covid-19. 

Before I fully touch on covid-19, I want to talk about my other criticisms. President Trump’s ideology, assuming he has one, is to own the libs. What ideas does this president support other than “pissing off the democrats,” “owning the libs?” He is totally empty of any serious political philosophy or way of viewing the world that doesn’t revolve around him getting what he wants. According to Miles Taylor, a former aide in the Trump administration, Trump did not want to send aid to wildfire victims in California because they did not vote for him in 2016. 

This man does not take the job seriously. And he is just straight up just dumb. Former National Security Advisor John Bolton says that Trump thought Finland was in Russia. It used to be a Russian Territory, but the Finns were freed after World War One. His supporters do not seem to care. They chalk up his stupidity to “trolling.” If he is trolling constantly, when do you determine when he is being genuine? The president is not consistent. His own former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called him “a fucking moron.” In an interview, Tillerson said that Trump would lay out what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it, and then Tillerson would have to explain that it “violated the law, it violated treaties.” 

His worst debacle yet was his response to the pandemic. Trump at the beginning called the pandemic called it a “Democratic hoax.” He downplayed the severity of the virus, and lied to the American people. He did not try to ramp up testing capabilities. He encouraged anti-lockdown protests and refused to wear a mask, which came back to bite him later when he himself contracted the virus after hosting an event at the White House where people were not wearing masks and not properly social distancing. He did not set at the federal level a clear and consistent message on what states should do, so the governors had to take matters into their own hands. The Republican governor of Maryland Larry Hogan had to buy tests from South Korea himself without the help of the president, as he described in a Washington Post Op-Ed. States wildly varied in their responses leading to the deaths of 230,000 dead Americans. 

This was the final straw for me, I could no longer tolerate him as president, I feel compelled to vote for Joe Biden. I did not want to at first, I loathed the man, but now I voted for him in the primaries and the general and have since warmed up to him. I am tired, tired of the lies, tired of the inconsistent policy, tired of the “lib owning,” tired of his narcissism, tired of him.  

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