A Deficit of Courage


Eric Greitens was exonerated of ethic violation charges in February of 2020. I know what you’re thinking: who the hell is Eric Greitens? Well, he was Governor of Missouri.

Was? Yes, because he resigned.

He resigned from his position as governor despite knowing the truth of himself: that he had not taken pictures of his hairdresser/mistress in sexually explicit situations and had not used those pictures to blackmail her. The charges were dropped because of prosecutorial misconduct that features a slew of familiar villains who I can’t be bothered to name because this isn’t about Eric Greitens, his extra-marital affair, or the people who pressured him to resign, including a Republican led effort to impeach him for misconduct. Please note: there was no misconduct, this was just another example of Republicans self-sabotaging themselves in a milquetoast effort to appear “principled” and “fair-minded.”

June 2020; yet another Supreme Court Justice has made an unconstitutionally sound judgement based on precedent that was decided on the unconstitutional whole cloth decision of Roe v. Wade. Robert’s excuse for his lack of constitutional literacy was precedent.

Again in June 2020, Mitt Romney – White-Bread Extraordinaire – marched with BLM protestors, masked up, presumably, to protect himself from the foul vapors of COVID19 (little does he know, Coronavirus is down for the struggle and knows what protests are righteous and which are racist). His ridiculously coiffed hair and stupid paper mask did little to distract from the snide, confident look of a lamb who believes he’s outwitted the lions. Mitt marched hoping when the dinner bell rings, they’ll eat him last.

Mike Bruan, Senator of Indiana has come out in support of BLM and has also written legislation to make it easier to sue police by weakening qualified immunity. He claimed on Tucker (6/29/2020) that he’s backed by multiple Indianan police organizations, despite that none have come forward to state so – at his own admission. And if you’re wondering; no, he hasn’t checked BLM’s website. The jury is out on whether or not he believes in the abolition of private property and destruction of the nuclear family. As he threw his lot in with BLM, I demand he be held to their standards. Since one can be a racist by association, one can most certainly be a Marxist by proxy.

[Update: in the days following his interview with Tucker, Senator Bruan began distancing himself from his own proposed legislation due to constituent backlash, cementing, beyond any doubt, that he too fainthearted to carry the title of Senator. Later, in August, BLM removed their controversial position on the destruction of the nuclear family from their website, but I doubt that means they’ve changed their minds.]  

What do these men have in common?

We could list their race, their religion, their hairstyles, or the number of affairs they’ve had, but I prefer to make a lesson of them: when I point it out, you’ll begin seeing it everywhere. The sickening, almost soul quaking disgust you feel as I parade these losers forward is what normal, decent, actually principled people feel when they are forced to look upon a rogue’s gallery of spineless worms. They claim principles and virtue, yet the moment those beliefs are tested they wilt, cower, flinch, and turn quickly to the only true “principle” they have: malleability.

We know that no matter how many times Mitt marches with BLM, or how often Roberts agrees with Sotomyer – the mob will have blood and be unquenched to the last. Hell, they may even know this deep in their hearts, they’ll only pulling for time. Social malleability is a problem that has plagued the Republican Party since G.W. and most likely, since its inception. There is a crippling disease on the Right that fears – above all things – the thought that someone, somewhere might not think they’re nice, may even think they don’t like women or black folk or dogs or communists. It’s downright pathological.

Pathological in the way preening teenage girls fret over the thoughts of their peers. Pathological in the self-obsessed manner of celebrities. Pathological in all sense of things juvenile, navel-gazing, and narcissistic. Their only value is the ability to change shape into whatever fits the perceived social climate at a single moment in time, then reshape as necessity demands. Romney, desperate to convince the Left his goodwill, did not hesitate to vote guilty in Trump’s impeachment trial. It came as no surprise to anyone.

[Note: there are multiple factors that “convinced” Romney to vote guilty, all of them are cowardly and despicable, but I am trying to focus on a base level problem that plagues the Right as a whole – a supreme lack of virtue.]

This kind of predestined cowardice is a well-known, well exercised fact of human nature. We are social creatures after all. By our nature we desire to be liked. Being liked means access to better food, better mates, security, upward mobility, tribal praise, etc. But we are men, not baboons. To be so easily swayed by frightening instinct is to be little better than a beast – this is why Aristotle wrote his Ethics, why Boethius consolidated philosophy.

It is Dante who writes the most visceral and poignant example of the extreme lack of virtue found in the men listed above. As you well know belovédness is not a virtue, not a value, not a principle. It is not something you can stand up for or something that actually guides moral decisions. If well beloved was a virtue then let the celebrities of the world rejoice! Their rousing rendition of Imagine has ushered in Utopian world-peace. In The Divine Comedy: Inferno: Canto III, Dante highlights those whose supreme lack of anything is their highest achievement – these creatures, faceless, worthless, unnamed (they are undeserving of the gift of immortality Dante bestows upon other sinners) – are stuck forever in the Vestibule of Hell. This unimpressive mass of humanity is made up those sinners unworthy of Heaven and undesired in Hell. Men who took no stand, made no friends, made no enemies, shook no trees, rocked no boats, wiped their hands of it, refused their calling, did nothing. Because they raised no banner in life, they are doomed to follow a pointless one in death.

Seeking popularity, the men above have found only disdain. I have no interest in them; but I will remember the true essence of their principles – that they prefer to be liked than to be correct. We should do nothing to save them when the mob comes; in fact, we ought to ring the dinner bell and watch the lions gorge on the easiest prey. The difference between Roberts and a teenage girl is that most teenagers figure it out after a while and grow up.  

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Contributor to Cultural Revue, Conservative, amateur medievalist and historian, aspiring wife and mother. Follow me on Parler @AnastasiaCosmo

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