The Best of Tyler Hummel’s Published Work

I’ve been meaning to create a centralized location for the majority of my work for a while now. When you write for over half a dozen publications over the course of a decade, it gets hard to centralize all of your work in a single place. That said, you want a place where you can direct people if people ask “what do you do?”. That’s what this article is going to function as here at the Cultural Revue. Going forward, this is going to be my piece to forward to people with a ready list of my favorite essays, reviews and YouTube videos for ease of access!

As such, I can’t really put likes to EVERYTHING below otherwise this would take forever to list. There are also a large handful of my pieces I no longer stand behind or agree with so I’m happy to let those fall by the wayside slightly…

At the bottom though I’ll provide links to my full portfolio if for whatever reason you want to delve into all of the things I’ve written publicly online since 2014 (God bless your soul…). All of the pieces are organized by category so you can easily skip groups if they don’t interest you!

Movie/TV Reviews

GUG – 2001: A Space Odyssey

GUG – Apocalypse Now Review

LI – Apollo 11 Review

GUG – Apollo 13 Review

GUG – Army of Darkness Review

ASC – Arrival Review

GUG – Avengers: Infinity War Review

GUG – Avengers: Endgame Review

RM – Bad Black Review

GUG – Batman and Robin Review

GUG – Ben Hur Review

GUG – Bernie Review

GUG – Best F(r)iends Review

GUG – Bill and Ted Face the Music Review

GUG – Blood Quantum Review

ASC – Bridge of Spies Review

GUG – Brazil Review

RM – Capone and the Horror of Dementia

ASC – Captain America: Civil War Review

GUG – A Charlie Brown Christmas Review

AD – In Praise of Chernobyl

GUG – The Chosen Season 1 Review

GUG – Citizen Kane Review

LI – The Cold Blue Review

GUG – Color Out of Space Review

GUG – Contagion

GUG – The Death of Stalin Review

GUG – The Devil All the Time Review

GUG – The Devil and Father Amorth Review

GUG – Devs Series Review

LI – Dragged Across Concrete Review

GUG – Duck Soup Review

GUG – Emma Review

GUG – The Fisher King Review

LI – Game of Thrones Series Finale Review

ASC – Ghostbusters (2016) Review

ASC – Gods of Egypt Review (So Bad It’s Good!)

GUG – Gone With the Wind Review

GUG – Goodfellas Review

GUG – Green Book

HiT – Groundhog Day Review

ASC – Guardians of the Galaxy Review

ASC – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

GUG – Hail Caesar! Review

GUG – A Hidden Life Review

GUG – I’m Thinking of Ending Things Review

GUG – Inception Review

GUG – The Irishman Review

ASC – The Interview and Media Culpability

GUG – It’s a Wonderful Life Review

ASC – John Wick Chapter 2 Review

LI – Joker Review

GUG – The King of Comedy Review

GUG – Kingdom of Heaven Review

ASC – Logan Review

ASC – Mad Max Fury Road Review

GUG – Mad Max Fury Road – Five Years Later

ASC – Magnificent Seven (2016) Review

GUG – Man Who Killed Don Quixote Review

GUG – The Mandalorian Season 1 Review

GUG – Midway Review

GUG – Mission Impossible Fallout Review

GUG – Mr. Jones Review

GUG – Once Upon a time in Deadwood Review

GUG – Once Upon a time in Hollywood Review

GUG – The Other Side of the Wind Review

GUG – Pacific Rim Review

GUG – Phantom Thread

GUG – Predator Review

GUG – Raging Bull Review

GUG – Rambo: Last Blood Review

LI – The Rise of Jordan Peterson Review

ASC – Rogue One Review

GUG – Shadowlands Review

ASC – Silence Review

GUG – Solo Review

HiT – Top 10 Star Trek TOS Episodes

GUG – Star Trek: The Motion Picture Review

ASC – Star Trek: Beyond Review

GUG – Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Review

GUG – Star Wars Clone Wars Review

GUG – Star Wars Holiday Special Review

GUG – Star Wars The Clone Wars Series Finale

GUG – Star Wars The Last Jedi and PostModernism

GUG – Taxi Driver Review

GUG – Tenet Review

LI – They Shall Not Grow Old Review

LI – Tolkien (2019) Review

ASC – True Grit Review

GUG – Under the Silver Lake Review

GUG – The Untouchables Review

GUG – The Vast of the Night Review

Book/Graphic Novel Reviews

GUG – 12 Rules for Life Review

GUG – Artemis Review

GUG – Backlash Review

GUG – Don Quixote Review

GUG – The Infinity Gauntlet Review

GUG – Myth and Meaning in Jordan Peterson Review

GUG – Screwtape Letters Graphic Novel Review

GUG – Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Review

GUG – Space Trilogy Book 1: Out of the Silent Planet Review

GUG – Space Trilogy Book 2: Perelandra Review

GUG – Spirits in Bondage Review

GUG – The Silmarillion Review

GUG – Tiny but Mighty

Religious Analysis

DW – A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Whitewashing Faith

GUG – Alien Covenant and the Horror of Godhood

GUG – An Evening With C.S. Lewis and The Most Reluctant Convert

GUG – The Exorcist, Martin and Superstition

GUG – Game of Thrones and Nihilism

GUG – The Gospel According to St. Matthew and Radical Politics

GUG – It’s a Wonderful Life and When Life’s Expectations Aren’t Met

GUG – Rick and Morty and Millennial Existentialism

GUG – Silence and Joshua Harris’s Loss of Faith

GUG – Spiderman and the Weight of Life

GUG – Spotlight and the Catholic Sex Abuse Crisis

GUG – Star Wars TROS and Ben Solo’s Spiritual Redemption

Political Analysis

DW – Created Equal: Documentary on the Life of Justice Clarence Thomas

HiT – Little Women and Modern Feminism

LI – How Black Friday Spoils the Spirit of Thanksgiving

LI – Wolfenstein: Antifa Sentiments at E3 2019

LI – Jordan Peele’s Us Explores America’s Hidden Darkness

LI – Angel Has Fallen and Russian Collusion

LI – Did Green Book Deserve It’s Best Picture Oscar?

LI – Defending First Man From Conservative Critics

LI – The Absurdity of Making Pennywise a “Gay Icon” – It Chapter 2

LI – Godzilla, The Green New Deal and the Necessity of Nuclear Power

LI – Captain Marvel is too Mediocre For a Culture War

LI – The Hopeless Nihilist Progressivism of Star Trek: Discovery

LI – Disney Leans into Progressive Themes in the MCU

LI – Knock Down The House and the Ignorance of “The Squad”

LI – Mission Accomplished! Dick Cheney Biopic is Annoying

LI – Dr. Peterson Announces ThinkSpot Social Media Platform

LI – The Politics of Harry Potter and The Failure of Fantastic Beasts 2

LI – Widows: The Desperation and Blight of Chicago Politics

Entertainment Analysis

ED – The LockDown Journal P1, P2, P3

ED – Martin Scorsese and Superhero Movies

GUG – Obituary For Dragon Ball Z Abridged

RM – Profile on the Charles Bronson Impersonator Robert Bronzi

LI – Slow Pacing and Millennial Attention Spans

ASC – Revenge of the Outside: The ChristChurch Massacre and Social Alienation

ASC – Fanboys Need Not Apply

ASC – Deadpool’s Toxic Fandom

ASC – The Death of Physical Media

ASC – Interstellar’s Poor Sound Mixing

ASC – Borealis and the Death of Machinima

ASC – A Brief Career Spotlight on Alex Garland

ASC – 63 Tweets About E3 2017

ASC – October 2017 Prediction – The Last Jedi Is Disney’s Last Straw


Andrea Chalupa – Screenwriter for Mr. Jones

Jonathan Rosenbaum – Retired Chicago Reader Film Critic

Kyle Mann – Writer at The Babylon Bee

The Mads – Stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000

Rachel Fulton Brown P1, P2 – Professor at the University of Chicago

Robert Bronzi – Charles Bronson Impersonator

Ron Dart – Editor of Myth and Meaning in Jordan Peterson

TFC Interview with Alex Garland (I was the location audio tech)

Best Movies of the Year Lists

Best Movies of 2014 P1, P2, P3, P4, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Best Movies of the Decade: 2010-2019

Filmmaking/Television/Podcasting Work

The Other Side of the Wind – Public Access Documentary

City of Lights – Feature Film

Myself and Me – Short Film

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – Fan Film

Blade Trinity Discussion – Studio Jake Podcast Appearance

Spergonomics Podcast Appearance

Stranger Conversations Podcast Appearance

Movie Boner Podcast Appearance 2016

College Sound Design Reel

Full Portfolio

The AntiSocial Critic Tumblr Blog (December 2014 – August 2019)

Geeks Under Grace (December 2017 – Current)

Legal Insurrection (November 2018 – October 2019)

The ED Blog (November 2019 – June 2020)

The DailyWire (December 2019 – February 2020)

Rebeller Media (January 2020 – May 2020) – N/A (Most pieces have since been republished at Hollywood in Toto or The EdBlog

Hollywood in Toto (January 2020 – June 2020)

ArcDigital (October 2020)

YouTube – GroupThink Productions/Video Archive

Apple Podcasts – AntiSocial Network Podcast

Bitchute – AntiSocial Network Podcast

Published by Tyler Hummel

Editor-in-Chief at Cultural Review, College Fix Fellow at Main Street Media, Regular Film Critic for Geeks Under Grace and the New York Sun, Published at ArcDigital, Rebeller, The DailyWire, Hollywood in Toto, Legal Insurrection and The ED Blog, Host of The AntiSocial Network Podcast

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